Cultural Capital: Burlington, VT

Cultural Capital is one of the seven capitals that we will be studying during this course.  Each of the seven capitals play a key role in the growth and development of a community.  The cultural capital of a community can influence everything from attracting people to an area or developing an up and coming part of a city or town.  Cultural capital plays off of the rich history of a community, but can also be a completely new and up-and-coming part of a community.  Take the south end of Burlington for example, a more secluded portion of the city that was previously heavily involved in industry is slowly but surly becoming home to two new and wonderful cultures in Burlington.  The culture with a more prominence in the state is the craft brewing culture.  The second is the art community in the south end which is a newer, but very popular culture to come to Burlington.  The event that fuses these two cultures in the south end is today known as Art Hop.  Art Hop is an annual event where the entire south end art community comes together to display their art.  Ever since it’s conception Art Hop has been growing and growing and this year consisted of 58 different locations with multiple art exhibits and local business showcases at each (Seaba).  The focus of the Art Hop also encompass the breweries along the south end and gives them an opportunity to showcase their craft.   All of this is is over seen and run by South End Arts and Business Association (Seaba).  Which is the non-profit that is responsible for managing this cultural capital and it’s main way of being shown to the public.  This means the profits that result form the Art Hop go directly to the artists and breweries, like QueenCity Brewers.

In addition the attraction of culture in this community has caused the cost of living a rent to be slightly higher than the rest of the city.  While most can find an apartment for around $750 a month the apartments, if you can find one,  are mostly in the $1000+ bracket (Burlington, Vermont).  And the housing market is rumored to be even more expensive and competitive.    It’s hard to say where these growing cultures will bring the community of the south end of Burlington but it’s safe to say that they aren’t getting any less popular.



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