Cultural Capital, Telluride CO

The culture of a community is defined by many different things shared between the community members and are expressed through their daily rituals. Things that make up the cultural capital of a community are celebrations, religion, language, customs, traditions, music, food, and more. It can get even deeper as well including things such as values, body language, rules of conduct, friendships, attitudes, and deeper understandings of each other. All of these things can be found in the iceberg concept of culture from class.

Since Telluride is a vacation destination for many people, there are always lots of events and celebrations going on. Having people from all over the world come and visit Telluride makes for a very diverse community that brings in a wide range of cultures. Some of the bigger and more favorable events that Telluride offers are the Mountainfilm Festival, Telluride Film Festival, and the Bluegrass and Jazz Music Festival, which attract some of the best musicians and filmmakers in the world.

In mid-October, the Town Foundation of Telluride and the community elect a Citizen of the Year. This shows that the locals have their own culture and care for one another despite the fact that it may seem as though the many vacationers take over their town in the busy months. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 97 percent of town residents have received an education of high school or higher. This statistic expresses the values that the town has on the importance of education. Telluride is very open to new cultures and customs that travelers bring and there is truly a place for everyone in this town.




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