Cultural Capital: Richmond, Vermont

The lively atmosphere, kind neighborhoods, and thriving small town businesses, are just some features making Richmond, Vermont a suitable hometown. Green and Haines refer to cultural capital as something that is “often viewed as something consumed by the rich and not related to middle-class and working-class residents” (Green & Haines, 2016). However, in Richmond, the community shapes the towns cultural capital. For example, if you found yourself in Richmond on a Friday, between 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm, May 27 through October 14, you’ll find a lively community at the Richmond Farmers Market. With more than thirty small business present, community members and visitors can interact with the foundation of Richmond’s thriving community (Richmond Farmers Market VT, 2016).


Before and after visiting the farmers market, market goers can explore the Richmond Farmers Market sponsors have to offer the community. Just before attending the farmer’s market, visit is Sweet Simone’s, located at 40 Bridge Street, Richmond, Vermont. They are “a full-scale bakery and café serving the freshest, delectable pastries, cakes, pies, fresh bagels, and seasonal baked goods all made from scratch daily” (Sweet Simone’s, 2016). Balance Yoga, another farmer’s market sponsor, located at 840 West Main St. Richmond, Vermont, offers “Free Friday Yoga” from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, perfect for relaxing and becoming more in tune with the self, our community, and environment (Balance Yoga, 2016). Finally, if you’re already a member of the Richmond community, or looking to become one, Reap Construction, located at 840 West Main St, Richmond, Vermont, work directly with homeowners and landowners to construct or remodel the home of their dreams. Reap Construction believes “it’s not just about getting the job done, but how it gets done” (Reap Construction, LTD, 2016). In Richmond, the local community is an extension of our homes.


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