Cultural Capital, Hingham MA

The town of Hingham has many different levels to its cultural capital. Many aspects of the culture of Hingham could be found above the waterline on the iceberg per say, and many aspects could be found well below the waterline. What is obvious, and resides above the waterline, is the lack of diversity in the town. As of 2014, Hingham was composed of 96% Caucasian residents (ACS). What is not seen immediately from the eye, or what lies below the waterline, is the underlying aura of success that radiates through the town. Students in Hingham High School are driven and motivated to be successful. This drive likely comes from the notion and understanding that because Hingham is a fairly expensive town to live in, students often feel as though they have to be able to live up to their parent’s success. As a result, they are highly involved in sports, school clubs, student government, as well as their academics, making it a difficult place to wallow behind.

Each year, on the fourth of July there is a community celebration of the birthday of our country. In celebration, there are barbecues, firework shows, vintage style baseball games, and most notably, am impressive parade. The parade route runs right through the middle of town on about a 2 mile stretch of the downtown area. The parade usually lasts 30-45 minutes and is filled with marching bands, classic cars, high school sport teams, as well as an eclectic variety of others. Each year, the parade is funded and organized by that Fourth of July Parade Committee. This committee operates to plan, organize, and raise funds for the parade each year. Along with this, they also supply the funding and organization for the Satuit Band to play in the gazebo at the harbor. The committee relies on several fundraisers as well as many donations and sponsorships from local and corporate contributions. It is clear that this celebration, although organized by this committee, is really a community-based effort. Many local businesses aid in funding the parade. Many companies will donate products or services to the parade, such as printing, designs and other product contributions. The committee cites the exceptional effort of the South Shore Country Club in organizing several golf fundraisers and additional use of their facilities throughout the year (Fourth of July).

Hingham is a town that incorporates many aspects of culture from music performances, art exhibits, and several celebrations throughout the year. The people of Hingham are eager to incorporate more aspects of culture and do this by helping out organizations and committees, such as the Fourth of July Parade Committee, in putting on events and celebrations.




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