Colchester, VT – Cultural Capital

Colchester, Vermont has many aspects to its cultural capital, but by far and away the main aspect is Lake Champlain. While Colchester is 58.6 square miles, 22.2 square miles are from the lake alone. This means that over 38% of Colchester consists of water (Data Access and Dissemination Systems). Lake Champlain is the biggest of all of the lakes in Vermont and provides so much as well. Colchester also has great programs that work along with the help of Lake Champlain to bring people even more together.


One event in particular, that shows a resemblance to cultural capital is an event called Raftapalooza. Raftapalooza is a floating party of boats off of Thayer Beach in Colchester. Each year, the free party and concert seems to get bigger. Last year more than 1,000 people took part. Attendees latched their motorboats together and rocked out to a band set up on a raft off Thayer Beach.13690967_10206730535315179_37358309048525694_o

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