Bronx, NY Cultural Capital

Embedded in the culture of the Bronx, is hip-hop and art. Within every neighborhood, regardless of income or race, you’ll hear the beats of hip-hop, and beautiful murals and graffiti. Bronx borough President Ruben Diaz, alongside the Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio has prompted a new initiative, called Graffiti-Free NYC. In the wake of potential gentrification of numerous neighborhoods in the Bronx, the ┬ácity has taken initiative to increase property value, enhance neighborhood aesthetics, and rehabilitate neighborhoods in need throughout the borough.

Without a doubt the borough of the Bronx is in need of an aesthetic overhaul, but targeting something created within the streets of our city should not be the plan. The Bronx should instead embrace what they have created. The borough of Brooklyn has gone through an immense renaissance, and throughout neighborhoods you see art, murals and music welcomed. Without the art and music, what else would the Bronx have to offer culturally? The Bronx can follow in other boroughs footsteps, and embrace their culture. Brooklyn has not only reaped the benefits of gentrification economically, but culturally. Graffiti, in par with rap culture should be illustrated throughout the streets of the Bronx, allowing not only gentrification to take hold, but creating a unique, dynamic cultural hub.