Northfield Village: Culture Capital

In the town of Northfield, there is an expectation that you will graduate from high school and go on to college. This perception comes from the culture of the community and what families expect from their children. I experienced this first hand with my community because all of my friends and acquaintances, including me, graduated from New Trier Township High School and then enrolled into a college or university of their choosing. The only situation that led to a pear not attending an undergraduate program after high school was either taking a post grad year for sports or taking a gap year discover what they wanted to do with their life. New Trier’s graduation rate in 2014 was 98.6% (Educational Attainment) and then the percent of New Triers graduates that went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher is 81.9% (Educational Attainment). This statistic is only possible do how the community grooms our youth and the resources that are available to be successful.

A term that was discussed in class that goes along with the program that I will discuss that helps the culture of my community is creative economics. Creative economics is the ability to use arts and innovative technology to spur development and enhanced quality of life within a community (Sustainable Community Development Slide 20). The Northfield-Winnetka Public Library’s provide exceptional service, reliable information, enriching educational and entertainment programs. The library also provides historical, educational and cultural programming for all ages. Programs that are run by staff or volunteers help people of the community learn how to use technology more efficient or teaches children and adults about the community and life skills. The Winnetka library has a studio that equips the community with technology like 3D printers, a laser engraver and custom embroidery machine. Which better’s business and students of the districts.  It also provides classes for traditional and digital art for community members. The library also provides summer reading programs that enhances children and adults reading to better themselves academically.

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