Cultural Capital, South End, Boston, Massachusetts


When talking about cultural capital it is easy to talk about the South End of Boston. Having such a colorful crowd of culturally diverse people, restaurants and shops makes the area naturally rich in culture. One of the main community based organizations in the South End is called IBA (Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción) is a non-profit, multi-service agency originally sought out to help find housing for low income families struggling with displacement in the city (Who We Are 2016). They still help primarily Puerto Rican families but also Latinos in general with housing and education. This agency is really very helpful to the South End considering almost 19% of the population is Hispanic or Latino and of that 19% almost 9% consists of people of Puerto Rican descent (Data Access 2014).


It is now still focused on that mission but has added a lot of educational programs such as youth development, early childhood education, after school programs and services for elders. IBA also has its own community center in the South End on Tremont street called Villa Victoria center for arts and culture. They host a whole range of monthly events for the Villa Victoria neighborhood and the South End alike (Who We Are 2016). Some of the most popular events are the Tito Puente Latin Music Series held every July where they team up with the Berklee School of Music to host free summer concerts open to the public (Tito Puente Latin Music Series 2016). The Festival Betances is also a neighborhood favorite where citizens comes to the square outside the Villa Victoria center for a parade, lots Puerto Rican of food, Latin music, and dancing (Festival Betances 2016). Because of IBA and the Villa Victoria center, community events, education, and housing placement for Hispanics and Puerto Ricans is all made possible. They truly help the South End’s colors shine through and make for a more closely knit community.




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