Natural Capital: Westport, CT


Westport, Connecticut is a town surrounded by the beautiful Long Island Park, and is home of some of the first state parks in the State. Westport is the home to 26,341 people, according to American FactFinder, and has been a thriving town since the 1750’s. However, despite Westport lacking in available land for nature preservation purposes, there are various examples of natural capital within Westport like fishing, dog parks, beach activities and small farms.


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The main example of natural capital in Westport, CT is Sherwood Island Park. Sherwood Island Park is just over 200 acres in the southern section of Westport, by the water. Throughout the 1800’s, Sherwood Island would probably be unrecognizable due to the fact that this section of the Island used to be solely farmlands. Onions and potatoes were the most desirable produce that was shipped around New England. Currently, Sherwood Island is owned by the town- who purchased the property in 1914. Sherwood Island is said to be Connecticut’s oldest state park due to its extensive history.




Image result for sherwood island state parkThe town of Westport orchestrates town meetings to assist with the maintenance of Sherwood Island. This team is known as the Nature Preserve of Westport. The Nature Preserve establishes displays and exhibits for the elementary students in town to discover the land around them. It also helps students to understand the rich diversity of life around them: even in Westport, CT.


Sherwood Island State Park is a staple of natural capital for residents in Westport, CT. Most communities have various areas of high natural capital, yet Westport only has one. I believe this reflects in all residents who vow to keep Sherwood clean and available for future generations.



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