Christina LaMontagne

Westwood, Massachusetts embodies all the commodities of an exceptional Natural Community. From reading the overview of the seven community capitals I gained the true definition of a natural community; “A healthy and functioning environment provides valuable ecosystem services, such as food, timber, wildlife habitat, flood control, and recreational opportunities, which are essential for human life.” (Beaulieu, Lionel J. “Bo”)


One of Westwood’s biggest natural community-based organizations is Hale Reservation, with 1,137 acres of land, and 20 miles of trails, you can find so much to do here! This is a very important resource to the community to be able to get out and about. The Reservation holds many events, even weddings! There are about a dozen different summer camps, and afterschool programs that use the facility to run the programs. In addition to all of this, there are several different ropes courses throughout the property for team building, and recreational programs.  With two different ponds for boating and fishing, and enough trails for you to get lost in, you could say this property is quite large for a small town. The town itself has a population of 14,618, but Hale is not only for the town’s community members, but any that wish to partake.

Below is a picture of one the beaches at Hale Reservation.



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