Jamestown, RI -Natural Capital

The town of Jamestown is a beautiful island located on the east coast of Rhode Island in the Narragansett Bay. Jamestown, RI has a strong connection with the natural land and natural areas. The community has a Conservation Commission that does a lot of work to research, coordinate, and plan for the land use of Jamestown. In the last two and a half years the Conservation Commission has been working with the community to develop the newest Community Comprehensive Plan. The Conservation Commission has worked to mark and map the land areas within Jamestown, the existing land use, existing zoning, plans for future land use, soil depth to seasonal high water table, farmland type, hydrologically sensitive areas, projected sea level rise, water designations, protected areas and active farmland. By mapping out this information, these pieces of Jamestown’s environmental capital can be clearly identified when the policy makers and the community come together to create a common vision statement. They play a very important role in maintaining balance between the community and environment of the island, and make sure that this is positive relationship between the community and the natural land. Another important community organization is the Conanicut Island Land Trust. This Community Organization works and manages the 450 acres of protected land located in Jamestown. Through these organizations and through the constant interest of the community we can see just how important the natural capital of Jamestown, RI is to the community.


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