North Adams, Natural

Located in the shadow of Mount Greylock, the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, North Adams borders many State Forests. There is beautiful natural land all across the Berkshires. And, while North Adams used to be an industrial driven town it has become a center for arts. According to the American fact finder, the city of North Adams is home to seven establishments dedicated to arts, entertainment, and recreation.  This is a small number compared to the forty eight health and care establishments and forty food service establishments.  Yet, North Adams is home to one of the most amazing geological finds. North Adams has the only natural White marble arch bridge in North America. It is located on McCauley Road off of Route 8 and it is called Natural Bridge State Park.

Natural Bridge State Park is just one of the seventy trails that is a “Healthy Heart Trails”.  Healthy Heart Trails are a part of the Massachusetts Government and it promotes healthy lifestyle.  A healthy heart Trail is about 1.5 miles or less and are not overwhelming to novice hikers. A “Healthy Heart Trail” not only provides a great way to excise but allows people of disability or physically issues to explore the great outdoors that North West Massachusetts has to offer.  While their main concern is to get more people physically fit, they also maintain and protect the trail.  The “Healthy Heart Trails” and Natural Bridge State Park allow the people of North Adams realize the amazing planet around them and why it needs to be saves.


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