Newry, Maine- Natural Capital

The drive up Route 26 once you get close to Newry, Maine is captivating. On the right side of the road is the Androscoggin River with a plethora of green mountains in the background and on the left side, you can see the Sunday River Ski Mountain peaks looming overhead. Sunday River is the main tourist attraction in Newry Maine with its eight peaks and 135 trails (“Mountain Statistics,” n.d.). It is one of the most known ski mountains in the Northeast, partially because it boasts the “longest, steepest, widest trail in the Northeast” appropriately named “White Heat”. While Newry has a lot of natural capital to offer like the Frenchman’s Hole (an infamous watering hole) and the Sunday River (the river the ski mountain was named after), the ski mountain has to be the most interesting because it is a mix of nature- and man- made features. The beautiful peaks allow for breathtaking views while the man-made trails allow for the mountain to be used to generate income for the town.

The Maine Sports Commission has taken a special interest in Sunday River because the goal of the commission is to get people to see Maine as a four season vacation destination which aligns with Sunday River’s personal goals for its mountain’s popularity (“MEMIC Peak2Peak Challenge,” 2016), (“Our Company,” n.d.). Sunday River has been trying to promote its hiking and biking trails as well as the beautiful summer views visible from each peak (“Our Company,” n.d.). With the help of the Maine Sports Commission, in 2017, Sunday River will host the Peak2Peak race where challengers must run to each of the eight peaks as fast as they can, but the appealing catch is they get to pick their own course (“MEMIC Peak2Peak Challenge,” 2016). This race will bring more awareness to the beauty Newry has to offer while also showing people how important it is to protect our planet so people can ski and hike Sunday River for centuries to come.





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