Natural Capital in the Town of Northfield, IL

Just like any other town in the world, Northfield has different types of natural capital. The one that I decided to discuss is the water quality. Having a clean source of water is one of the world’s biggest problems. Luckily for the town of Northfield, we don’t have an issue of obtaining clean water. Northfield obtains its water from Lake Michigan, which is a few miles East of the town. Even though the water from Lake Michigan is fresh water, we still need to purify it before we’re allowed to classify it as safe drinking water. The process of purification takes place at the North Shore Sanitary District (ran by MWRD’s).  Once the water goes through the appropriate cycles, the safe drinking water will be distributed to residential homes across Cook County (Northfield). The Village of Northfield is very committed to making safe and high quality drinking water for its residents. Northfield checks the water quality annually and if a test comes back polluted they will increase the amount of water quality tests until the issue is resolved. The graph below shows what Northfield tests for in its water. As you can see below, in the year of 2015 Northfield had No violations of water quality. One thing that the board of Northfield was worried about was how high the levels where for Halo acetic Acids and Total Trihalomethanes, but they were not high enough to classify it as a violation. This intertwines with intergenerational equity because it is making a healthy economy by adding more jobs for the town, enhances the quality of the environment with clean water, and makes the residents of Northfield feel safer.



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