Montpelier, VT, Natural Capital

Jonathan Kilian


Montpelier, Vermont: Natural Capital

Montpelier, Vermont, has a surplus of well kept natural capital. It holds many different wooded areas and natural habitat. These natural areas provide diverse biodiversity, hold aesthetic benefits, and really represent the town of Montpelier.

Located right behind the Vermont state house is Hubbard park. Hubbard park has dog parks, workout stations, and a whole slew of trails to explore. It definitely hold a lot of aesthetic value to the locals of Montpelier. The park has been used for school based events, community gatherings, and even local holiday festivals. The park is quite large and also provides a lot of habitat for birds, deer, bear, and many other species of wildlife. Several organizations in the town of Montpellier sponsor the park. Several students from the town are employed by the park doing maintenance work.

Another prominent park located in Montpelier is the North Branch Nature Center. This plot of land was purchased in 1995 and has been awarded large sums of money since it has been opened. It does amphibian monitoring, bird counting, and observes and records life found on the plot of land. This is important to do because it tells us how biodiversity is being affected as time goes on. In 2012 the North Branch Nature Center was awarded $150,000 from the Canaday Family Charitable Trust for their expansion of their forestry school, ECO. This organization does a great job at showing how Montpelier really values it natural capital and utilizes it in many ways. (The History of the North Branch Nature Center. 2006)

North Branch River

North Branch Nature Center

Montpelier has done a good job at preserving its natural areas in the last five years. Not many people have moved into the town. Since 2010 only 625 have moved into Montpelier. Comparatively, from 2000- 2009, 1,735 people had moved into Montpelier (Data Access and Dissemination Systems (DADS). 2014). That is a lot more people whom have moved into the town. Since not as many people have been moving into Montpelier in recent years that shows how less land holding natural capital is being developed on. Instead, It is being utilized by the community and holds a strong purpose.


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