Burlington, VT – Natural Capital

Burlington is a small, vibrant city along the shore of Lake Champlain. The Burlington area has a lot of natural capital, including public parks, bike paths, and farmland. In the summer season, Burlington residents all gather by North Beach. North Beach has many amenities, including food concessions, a playground, restrooms, picnic tables, and grills! Additionally, the mountain terrain, crossed by hiking trails and ski slopes, brings tourists from around the world to the Burlington area.

Chittenden County has really exemplified smart growth by preserving open space, farmland, and natural resources. By using the natural resources provided by the land to make and sell their agricultural products, farmers support and boost local economies. In 2012, Chittenden County was ranked as the top 5th county in agricultural sales in the state of Vermont (Census of Agriculture). Farmlands are also considered a source of natural capital, because they can attract tourists who are looking for a country-side experience. Intervale Food Hub is a community organization that “supports the Intervale Center’s work to sustain healthy farms, land, and people” (Intervale Food Hub). Their food comes from a community of Vermont farmers who are dedicated to using sustainable practices to bring Burlington the most delicious, healthy, and nutritious food available! The Intervale Food Hub offers the best local food available through wholesale purchasing. The Intervale Food Hub helps decrease food insecurity and supports the income of farmers in Vermont.intervale

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