State and National Parks

The focus of this page is on how rewilding and ecological design fit into some of the places that we perceive as the most protected and wild: our state and national park systems. Although these might be seen as low priority areas for the green movement, they are actually vitally important places that will serve as examples for ecosystems and as starting points for rewilding. The articles and interview attached to this page are from a variety of different viewpoints. The interview is with the Director of State Parks here in Vermont, one article is from the New York Times and shows an outsider’s perspective on rewilding efforts, another is from the National Park Service (NPS) showing detailed plans for green building in Alaska and the last is a video and NPS analysis of wolf reintroduction to the Yellowstone ecosystem. Through these perspectives we can see the current and future significance of wild spaces in the rewilding process. Please explore the linked pages to learn more.

— Oliver Scofield

Photo Credit: Thomas Mangelsen

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