Permaculture and Rewilding


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I am introducing this podcast interview with permaculture design professionals Wilson Alvarez and Ben Weiss as a goal and reference point to give a real-world application of how conscious rewilding can be used in a beneficial way: through permaculture. Several very important points are brought up in this interview, the first of which is the importance of observation of place.

This is a very key element in understanding the place you’re in- a skill which leads to the proper restoration and management of land, in harmony with its natural functions. The podcast goes further into the ability of permaculture principles to be applied anywhere on earth. Not only does permaculture treat threats to wildlife and biodiversity, it also encourages a land ethic dedicated to proper care for the earth and its inhabitants- leading to a more aware and environmentally responsible population. Rewilding does not have to be an anti-human action.

Humans were placed on the earth, and we belong here; we have taken more than is allotted us, but is that it? Is that what our place on earth will amount to? No, I believe that humans, with purpose and applied ecological knowledge can actually benefit the earth with our existence- create responsible disturbances and steward healthy ecosystems which produce food and regenerate the earth as well.

Eve Drum

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