Our Mission

      Our vision is to re-establish symbiotic relationships between human systems and natural processes by creating environmental connections in all realms of human life through education and restoration. The way to do this is to realize the actual value of land – not in its ecosystem services, monetary value, development potential or natural resource availability, but in its potential for life. To this end, our goal is to explore the realm of “rewilding” misused space – that is to say, any space utilized by systems which contradict natural processes. The product of our research is tailored to the realms of soil remediation, water, and urban, agricultural and park lands; all areas that must be reconnected within the human/environmental system in order to benefit both in a holistic way.

With a diverse collection of news articles, research papers, interviews, videos, photos and more, the tabs above explore each of these fields more closely. We invite you to click around for a better understanding of what rewilding efforts might be happening in your area and what still needs to be done. Who knows? maybe you could even play a role!


Oliver, John, Eve, Brendan, Alejandro, Laura and Brian

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