This land has a story

Much like my own,

You must listen carefully

In order to know.


The rocks like narrators

To the lives of the trees,

Rustling the plot with each crisp breeze.


If what is above reflects what’s below,

A tentative audience may see what it was like

One hundred autumns ago.

Aerial View

Not much has changed in my area of the forest except for some changing colors in the leaves.

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Assignment Two: About My Chosen Place

The place that I chose is located on the side of Centennial Woods near my residence hall on Trinity Campus. Upon the entrance of the woods there is a narrow trail that starts out downhill. There are a few fallen tree branches across the trail to navigate. After about 1000 feet of downhill walking you will arrive at my chosen spot. The vegetation that exists there includes a variety of low-lying vegetation and hardwood trees that consist of maple trees and birch trees.

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