event map ~explained~

Based on the examples provided in Hannah Hinchman’s article The World as Events, I’ve created my own event map to illustrate my most recent visit to my location. This trip was slightly different because I went into it trying to find interesting things to blog about, so I was much more attentive to the world around me. I began, as I always do, by walking into Centennial taking note of the UVM sponsored sign. “CENTENNIAL WOODS Natural Area” it reads. I then continued my walk into the woods, it was a little colder and windier so I was walking with my head up, looking at the trees when my boot caught on a root and I tripped. I laughed at myself and carried on to my spot when I saw Emma and Emily, I said hi and carried on. Once situated I sat on the log that I’ve grown fond of and spent time breathing and taking in everything around me. Then after a while I texted Emma to see if they were still in the woods and they came to where I was and we took photos on the other fallen tree. I then jumped into the water instead of crossing and got my pants wet and we left. Overall, a successful trip.