Johne’s Disease: Why Worry? Find Out Now!

Nearly 100 years ago, Johne’s disease was labeled a menace of cattle. Now that it has spread far and wide, farmers are taking notice. Is your farm up to the challenge? What does it take to stop this profit-robber and protect public health? No matter how familiar you are with Johne’s or what your herd situation is, you are sure to learn something new from Dr. Garry!

Come join Dr. Franklyn Garry, professor of veterinary medicine at Colorado State University, at one of the following venues as he discusses how and why dairy farmers should address the problem of Johne’s disease.

November 7, Green Mountain Dairy Discussion Group, Addison Fire House, Addison, noon – 2,
“Managing Mortality Losses in Dairy Herds” and “Johne’s and Crohn’s Disease”
Please RSVP to Kyle Lussier at 802-388-2692 or by Monday November 5.

November 8, Red School House, VTC, Randolph Center, 10 am – noon,
“Johne’s Disease: Why Worry and What Difference Can We Make?”
No RSVP needed. If questions, contact Julie Smith, 802-656-4496,

November 8, Franklin County Discussion Group, Alltech, St. Albans, beginning at 6:30 pm,
“Johne’s Disease: Why Worry? What Difference Can We Make?”
Please RSVP to Northwest Veterinary Associates at 802-524-3222.

November 9, Poulin Grain Conference Room, Newport, 11 am – 3 pm.
“Johne’s Disease: What are the Potential Implications for Production and Public Health”
Please RSVP to Joanne at Poulin Grain, 800-334-6731

These qualify as Caring Dairy workshops.

To request a disability-related accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Julie Smith at 802-656-4496 by November 1, 2012, so we may assist you.

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  1. ako schudnut says:

    Pity that I found this blog today, I would really like to see Dr. Franklyn Garry. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I will come back!

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