Research and Other Products

February 2014

NOFA- Winter conference, February 17-19, University of Vermont ( Flooding Soil Quality and Cover Crops. Poster at: FloodingandResults_2014.2

Annual Meeting of the Northeast Pasture Consortium in State College, Pa, from February 4 – 6, 2014: Pasture management with keyline ploughing and tillage radish: NEERAPOSTERPPT_JC_reg (Poster Presentation)

Survival of large A. agrestis individuals into the cold season in Vermont. Mega 16(2) – A. agrestis (Journal Paper)

January 2014

Tri-State Greenhouse IPM Workshop Burlington, VT, January 9, 2014 Invasive Earthworms in the Northeastern USA and the Horticultural Trade (by J. Gorres and Margaret Skinner (, Factsheet))

Factsheet on Vermont Act 148 (recycling of organic materials in Vermont) and invasive earthworms. Amynthasagrestis_Act148 (Factsheet)

November  2013

The lab at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Soil Science Society of America meetings in Tampa, November 4 – 7:

Earthworms increase Oxalate in Jack in the Pulpit corm (Oral Presentation by Ryan Melnichuk and Josef Gorres)

(for PowerPoint Slide Show click here): 2013am

Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Aggregates of a Mesocosm Soil Worked By Lumbricus Rubellus and Amynthas Agrestis.(Poster Presentation by Hüseyin Barış Tecimen, Ryan Melnichuk and Josef Gorres)

(For Poster click here)×44-Template-V7 

Flood Effects On Soil Fertility Along a Microtopographical Gradient (Poster Presentation by Lindsey Ruhl and Josef Gorres)

Abstract: Flooding can cause a variety of soil quality concerns including changes in fertility, increased compaction, and fluctuations in soil biota populations.  Trends of extreme flooding events are increasing with the progression of climate change.  The scope of this preliminary study focuses on soil fertility changes on a micro-topographical scale with an elevation difference of 45 cm.  30 two-inch soil cores were taken from an active agricultural field at three sampling dates and analyzed for OM by LOI, bulk density, moisture, and micro and micro nutrients.  Data shows strong relationships of phosphorus, iron, and potassium with elevation shortly after the flood receded. This relationship did not hold after harvest.   Further study is needed on a larger scale in order to correlate fertility changes along slope with variable rate amendments.

Earthworm Invasion in Northern Forests: Impact On Distribution of Soil Carbon Within Aggregate Fractions (pOSTER pRESENTATION BY mEGHAN kNOWLES, dON rOSS AND jOSEF gORRES)

Abstract: Earthworm invasion into northern forests is a continuous and well documented trend expected to increase substantially over the next few decades.   Most findings document short term carbon losses after an invasion event, primarily through the indirect impact earthworms have on the decomposition rates of these soils.  Other research suggests that earthworm created stable aggregates may mitigate these losses through the long term physical protection of carbon, specifically within microaggregate (2mm), as well as the microaggregate structures occluded within them (<250 µm).   These findings will provide a better understanding of the interactions between earthworms, soil carbon dynamics, and the potential of forest soils to ­sequester carbon.

May 2013:

Blog by Savaş Gönen:

Here are some useful resources for those who want to read:

Classification and Identification of Pheretimoids

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Gates, E.G. and J.W. Reynolds. 2017. Preliminary Key to North American Megadriles (annelida, Oligochaeta), based on external charcteristcs, insofar as possible. Megadrilogica 22.



Distribution of Pheretimoids in the USA


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Ecology of Pheretimoids

Bellitürk, K., Görres, J.H., Kunkle, J. and Melnichuk, R.D.S., 2015. Can commercial mulches be reservoirs of invasive earthworms? Promotion of ligninolytic enzyme activity and survival of Amynthas agrestis (Goto and Hatai, 1899). Applied Soil Ecology, 87, pp.27-31.


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Hiller, B.J. and Barclay, J.S., 2011. Concentrations of heavy metals in American Woodcock harvested in Connecticut. Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 60(1), pp.156-164. Not directly related to Amynthas, but compare with Richardson et al., 2015.


Loss, S.R. and Blair, R.B., 2011. Reduced Density and Nest Survival of Ground‐Nesting Songbirds Relative to Earthworm Invasions in Northern Hardwood Forests. Conservation Biology, 25(5), pp.983-992. This is not a pheretimoid paper but these wildlife effects are likely to occur with Amynthas too.


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Molecular Ecology

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Pheretimoid Control

Ikeda, H., Callaham Jr, M.A., O’Brien, J.J., Hornsby, B.S. and Wenk, E.S., 2015. Can the invasive earthworm, Amynthas agrestis, be controlled with prescribed fire?. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 82, pp.21-27.


Colleagues in Wisconsin and my lab are working on this.





European Invasive Earthworm Resources

Adverse effects of Lumbricus terrestris in agriculture

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Lumbricidae in Forest Ecosystems

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Greenhouse Gases

Speratti, A. B. and J. K. Whalen, 2008: Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide fluxes from soil as influenced by anecic and endogeic earthworms. Applied Soil Ecology 38, 27-33.”





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  1. Great suggestion. However, my graduate students are so busy that I can’t put more on their plate. I just have to moderate more frequently. One of them is actually working on controlling these earthworms. she is isolating bacteria and fungi and is screening them for vermicidal effects. She found 3 agents so far that worked in the lab. We’ll take the work into the greenhouses and the field soon. Lab results are great but doing a bioassay in actual soil is quite a different matter. We expect that the efficacy will be less than the 100% we found in the lab..

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