Political Video Remix

There is an epidemic going on; a deadly one. And it’s manifesting among the youth more so than any other aggregate of people. It’s depression, it’s a lack of self worth and it’s overall mental instability. According to suicide.org, within the last decade the number of teen suicide attempts has more than doubled. In my political video remix I decided to try to tackle and pinpoint what could be the cause of this.  

As a 21 year old, I grew up being in the generation that was “guinea pig” to the new age of media, specifically social media. Not only have I seen its effects on myself, but also my peers, and more so than not they have been negative. I personally see social media having a large role within the current rise of teen depression and feel that it needs to not only be acknowledged but possibly even monitored.

This being said, I decided to make a political remix video that used media in a way to expose how the development of social media, which really ignited with the release of the iPhone, has had an impact on the youth. It seems that since the development of Facebook (in 2004) and the iPhone (2007), teen depression has simultaneously increased. I initially had my intended audience as teenagers, but I feel that it can be anyone in general. Both teens and parents need to be aware of social media’s negative repercussions.

I wanted the video to flow in the sense that it followed a chain of events. As I previously stated, social media wouldn’t be where it is today without the iPhone. I decided to start the video off with the creation of the iPhone. I took a clip of Steve Jobs first introducing the iPhone because I thought that that would be a good way to introduce the birthplace of social media. I then followed the clip up with a statistic to highlight how impactful the iPhone has become since its release to highlight that a majority of the young population now owns an iPhone.

Following that I wanted to go right into the introduction of social media. I decided to search for clips the highlighted the start of these new forms of media. I took one of a young Mark Zuckerberg discussing Facebook, what his goals were for it and what he intended its use to be. Twitter is also a huge social media platform so I found a clip of its creator, Jack Dorsey, predicting how big of an impact it would have. Lastly, I found a clip for Snapchat that showed a group of young girls talking about the appeal of Snapchat. I purposely used this clip to show visual proof of Snapchat’s strong appeal on the youth. To end this part of the remix, I decided to mix in another statistic that stated the percentage of young adults that use social media.

The next part of the video was definitely the most difficult part for me to execute. I decided to put a montage of phrases that were related to negative mental health. Words such as “depression”, “low self esteem”, “therapy”, etc. I thought that by doing it in this way it made it seem almost suspenseful in order to grab the attention of the viewer. I also changed up the music that was playing in the background to enhance the mood and further reiterate the negative outcomes of social media. After a few of the phrases I decided to have it work up to the worst extreme of mental illness- suicide. By having it all lead up to suicide my intention was to make it as impactful as possible.

Overall, I used a mixture of media ranging from tv interviews, news broadcasts, and statistics that I found online. I used this mixture of media in order to convey the fact that social media can have detrimental effects on one’s mental stability if not handled responsibly. This was personally a challenging assignment for me as I have never really made a video on my own. That being said, I’m pleased with the outcome I was able to produce despite my inadequate technological capabilities. I’m glad that I was forced to go out of my comfort zone in doing this assignment. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with iMovie again.

Works Mixed: