Opening Fall 2018: House to Home

The Fleming Museum is excited to present the student curated House to Home exhibition drawn from its collection. This exhibition will showcase cultural and ethnographic objects ranging from ancient and historic Asia to colonial and nineteenth-century America, Samoa, and the Philippines. Counteracting the western view of a home, the exhibition focuses on drawing parallels between cultural ways of constructing the meaning of home and a sense of belonging within physical and abstract domestic spaces.

Students of the Museum anthropology class sit on the floor of the Fleming's Wolcott Gallery while listening to a guest lecturer.
Students in the Museum Anthropology class learn about the inner workings of the Fleming museum.

The Fleming Museum releases new articles and posts relating to the exhibit weekly. Topics include curatorial methodologies, object features, student interviews, and donor profiles. While exploring and reading these posts, we challenge you to question what “home” means to you, and we invite you to further contemplate these ideas and topics when the exhibition opens Fall 2018 in the Fleming Museum‘s Wolcott Gallery.