Preliminary Results from the UVM Extension Hops Variety Trial

The results are in folks!  For the last year the UVM Extension Crops and Soils Team has been collecting extensive data on what hop varieties do well in the Northeast.  Check out the preliminary results from UVM Extension Organic Hops Variety Trial!  Keep in mind that these results are from a first year of production, …

Hop processing equipment for sale

Glen Fuller, of Rising Sun Farms in Paonia, CO contacted us last week, mentioning that he has an inventory of Wolf harvesters, dryers, balers, pelletizers with nitrogen cooling, and hammer mills for sale.  Thought some of you all might find it of interest.

Hop Tea Tasting Postponed

Howdy folks, You may have seen or heard word about a Hops Tea Tasting and Sensory Evaluation happening at the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery this November, and I’m sorry to announce that it has been postponed.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Hop Cam

One of the many amazing things about hops is how quickly they grow!  This spring we got Harold the Crop Cam to document it all. In under three minutes you can watch our first full-year growth from emergence all the way through to harvest.

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