This is the Spot!

This is the spot!

My phenology location is east of Battery Park in Burlington Vermont. There is a small path leading to the forest just before you get to the Burlington Police Station on Sherman Street. I first visited the location on September 30 at 11:30 am. It was a cloudy, 60 degree day. I got to my location by taking the Green Mountain Transit bus from UVM to the stop on Cherry street. Use this link to view a map of the site: MAP.  I chose this location to study for the upcoming months because it has very unique features. One of these features, is the fact that it is so close to very populated and developed areas; this adds an interesting dynamic. Also, the most defining feature of this place is its steep eastern slope leading towards Lake Champlain. This slope offers the opportunity to monitor erosion. Additionally, in my plot, there were two interesting tree species that I was not able to identify prior to visiting my site. Let me paint the picture of my location for you. As you walk South, down the paved path adjacent to battery park, you will see a steep, densely wooded forest to your left. The children and dogs are playing in the park to your right. You walk to the farthest extent of the park and come to the parking lot of the Burlington Police Station. To enter my phenological location, you must find the opening behind the dumpsters. Once here, you will see a large section of broken cement/rock that is running parallel to the hill; it may have once been a sidewalk. You will see evidence of erosion, aided by the steep slope I’m sure. You will also discover holes in the trees most likely from a woodpecker’s hunt for food. In the plot, there are sections of minimal ground cover and those with heavy ground cover. The trees that make up the forest, all of which are deciduous hardwoods, range from large, mature trees, to thin saplings. This location includes the following tree species:

  • Norway Maple
  • Basswood
  • Black Locus Tree
  • Boxelder
  • American or slippery or rock elm tree (Further investigation during my next visit)
    • This is the dominant tree species in my plot.

The plant species on the forest floor include:

  • Honeysuckle
  • Oriental Bittersweet vine
  • Unidentified herbaceous plants (Most likely Canada Mayflower-Further investigation to come)
    • UPDATE: the Herbaceous plants found in my plot are:
      • Wire-stemmed muhly

      • Canada Mayflower


Plants identified using key from: New England Wild Flower Society-Full Key. (n.d.). Retrieved December 7, 2018, from https://gobotany.newenglandwild.org/full/

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