April Visit

On my most recent visit to my phenology site, it was a cool and cloudy day, and started to hail halfway through the visit. The wind was also decently strong. I encountered no signs of amphibians or flowers budding. My site is surrounded by pine trees, and these do not flower in the typical sense. They produce pine cones, which were not visible. Also, no spring wildflowers had begun to emerge from the leaf covered ground.

Here is a sketch of my place:

In terms of landscape ecology, my site is near the center of Centennial Woods, with the closet edge being the entrance. I noticed when walking to my site that it gradually got quieter as I walked further into the natural area. There seemed to be a pretty distinct difference in noise level once I got about 20 feet in, where there was significant forest covering. It was also a bit darker, which would have an impact on the species that reside there. Another factor I noticed was that there was almost no wind once I entered, which made it feel warmer than outside the forest.
I think that my site provides habitat for forest interior species due to its location within Centennial Woods, and its position adjacent to Centennial Brook. These conditions are ideal for some species, but not for others.