This is Goodbye! :(

Salmon Hole, it’s been a wild ride. Observing the phenological changes within the forest and among the whole natural area has brought me a sense of renewal and tranquility. From the start of my visits to the last, I was always motivated to hike down to Salmon Hole and walk its paths. The towering trees, bush vegetation, and diverse wildlife never cease to intrigue me.

From my numerous trips to Salmon Hole, I have made several observations about its human history. Before the Salmon Hole on the Winooski became a popular fishing spot for Vermonters, I believe it was deemed a local dump site. I’ve spotted many collections of garbage throughout the natural area. Car parts and mattresses litter sections of the forested portion. Tires can be found on the forest floor every 100 feet. While I was walking along the trail, I noticed several pipes that expelled water from the nearby water treatment plant into the Winooski river. From this human activity, the brooks dumping into the river have turned brownish-orange from the iron deposits. These anthropogenically polluted waters may threaten the wildlife that use the Winooski river as habitat.

I took a gallery of pictures to commemorate my time spent there. I even found some more evidence of wildlife and fresh tracks!

I also documented fresh tracks of beaver activity, fresh tracks of what I believe is either a North American Mink or North American Fisher Cat, and a red-bellied woodpecker.

My final visit to Salmon Hole was definitely the most memorable. Every time I come back to this sight the nostalgia from this project will almost certainly make me a bit teary.

I’ll be back soon, Salmon Hole, it has been real.



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