Phenology Visit #3 – Salmon Hole

Back to Salmon Hole!

Based on the examples provided in Hannah Hinchman’s article The World as Events, I created an event map showing a set of experiences at Salmon Hole. I hope this event map will allow you to experience the sights and sounds of Salmon Hole as I experience them!

Since my last visit, more leaves have fallen from the trees and littered the trail even more.

The waters of the Winooski River rage on.

I’ve seen bees pollinating the few flowers that still remain.

In an attempt to capture the magnificence of Salmon Hole, I’ve written a poem.


A gallery of trees greets me with vibrancy, followed by a red carpet of fall foliage.

Overcrowding on the forest floor is imminent, all trees eventually succumb to the forces of autumn.

Salmon Hole beckons! Beavers, squirrels, and hawks oh my!

Hardwood forest dominates here, no coniferous trees are in sight.

An understory littered with ferns and buckthorn.

Loam is found of the forest floor, and sand appears on the banks of the flowing Winooski.

The waterway looking murky, inundated with sediment.

Patches of vegetation interrupt the baron riparian rockface, bees taking advantage of their presence – pollination.

Renewal is in the air.

I have overstayed my welcome, such beauty is fragile to the touch.

Filled with gratitude, I see the red carpet once again.


The air is getting colder, but things are just heating up at Salmon Hole. Well, in a phenological sense.

Until next time,


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