Phenology Location Visit 1 – Salmon Hole!!

My phenology project location is The Salmon Hole on the Winooski River. I chose this location mostly because of my affinity for Salmon. I wanted to pick a forested area near a river because of the diverse wildlife species that occupy the habitat. In addition, before visiting The Salmon Hole I had heard from numerous classmates about the site’s beauty. Although it is not that close in proximity to main campus, it is worth the trek. The area’s natural beauty is always worth the journey.

 Coordinates: 44.4869909, -73.18812650000001

From main campus, finding the route to The Salmon Hole takes no more than 10 minutes on a bike and around 20 minutes to walk. Sitting 2 miles from main campus, traveling down colchester ave and then riverside ave should lead to the location.

At the trailhead the hardwoods present included Boxelders, American Ash, and Paper Birch. The foliage was for the most part still green, with slight hints of yellow appearing as Autumn approaches. The soil seemed to be silty loam with a thick O horizon. My phenology location itself contained several American Beech, Basswood, White Oak, Sugar Maple, and a few ailing Norway Maple and Paper Birch. The American Beech and Basswood were the most common trees.

Multiple species of woody plants littered the ground floor.

The following woody plants appeared in the understory of my site:

  • Common Buckthorn
  • Glossy Buckthorn
  • Long Beech Fern
  • Intermediate Woodfern

My location extends onto the banks of the Winooski river. This edge of my site has more sandy soil, as it sits near a river. One interesting observation I made was related to beaver activity. Although I did not have a beaver sighting, an uncertain amount of these rodents left clear evidence of their presence. A tree had been gnawed on, leaving a gaping chunk taken out of the base of the tree.

I can’t wait to see how the foliage will look next week!

Until next week,

G Fawcett

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