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NERCOMP WordPress University 2010

Yesterday, I attended the NERCOMP WordPress University SIG, a showcase of what some folks are doing with WordPress.


First session: Jay Colier, Web Communications Manager, Bates College


Described reworking Bates College’s web presence to identify and streamline paths that guide people through different stages of connection to the institution. Traditionally, each stage (e.g., applicant, student, alumnus, etc.) was a separate silo. Lots of good, high-level analysis. WordPress allowed Jay to implement a redesigned site with minimal resources, but a robust result. Easy content development for contributing departments.

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TinyMCE fixed!

I finally got around to using a javascript debugger to find out why the visual editor refused to work for me. I got the following error when there was an attempt to call tinyMCEPreInit.Start():Object doesn’t support this property or method”. I quick search led me to this forum thread, which references a PHP bug. I reproduced the bug behavior, and then made the code changes recommended in the forum post.
I’m now posting my first blog entry using the visual editor. Hurrah! Many thanks to the member who posted the solution, a certain bcodding. I wonder… Confirmed: that’s my colleague, Ben, from down the hall. Quite the coincidence!
Now I’ll go back to being out sick.