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LifeHacker – Best Free Apps for Windows Mobile

LifeHacker has just posted a nice list of free applications for Windows Mobile, like my Treo 700w. Don’t skip the discussion thread; there are lots of folks mentioning applications I hadn’t heard of.


PS. I love Windows Mobile, but I think it’s the worst phone I’ve ever used. I have about one bar — and you know how a “bar” is a standard measure — of reception when I leave Burlington. I had a meeting Saturday evening, and I forgot an important paper. My spouse tried to call me when she found it, but I couldn’t get a call through until I was in Winooski. Grrrr!

UVM email in Outlook Mobile

I don’t sync my email with Outlook on my PC. Instead, I use Outlook Mobile on my Treo 700w to connect directly to the University’s mail server. Below, I describe the steps I took to configure IMAP. Please note, however, that this is a limited solution. I only lets me see mail in my Inbox, not other folders. For me, this is adequate.

Update: There is an issue with sending email from Outlook Mobile through an outgoing server that requires authentication. See comments below.

I will add my voice to the chorus, though, in singing the praises of Chatter Email, which I used when I had a Palm OS-based Treo 650. Alas, Chatter is available only for the Palm OS, and the developer has expressed no interest in porting it to Windows Mobile.
Before we begin, an important note.
Security: Give serious consideration to how the information on your Windows Mobile device is protected. If your email is sensitive, what happens if your phone gets lost? The person who finds your phone can read any existing mail on the phone, and if you save your password, can retrieve new mail and send mail impersonating you. Most devices have locking capabilities, and third-party security utilities are available. Learn about them.
Let’s get started. To open the messaging component of Outlook Mobile, select Messaging from the Start Menu.
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SyncML on Windows Mobile 5

I’ve been using the Synthesis SyncML client to synchronize my calendar information between my Oracle Calendar Server (OCS) agenda and my Treo700w calendar. It is important to note that, per the vendor’s recommendations, I’m using the back-level client, rather than the newer 3.0x client. Update: The UVM Calendar server has been upgraded, and the current version (3.0.222 at the time of this edit) of SyncML works fine.
I downloaded the Zip file from Synthesis AG, which contains the program install file (syncml_std_en.PPCWM.CAB) as well as documentation. Because I’m using the Treo with Windows Vista, I don’t have ActiveSync. To install the software, I copied the CAB to my Treo, then used File Explorer to locate and install the SyncML application.
Synthesis SyncML will appear in the Programs list:
Windows Mobile Programs screen
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