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Network Policy Service error – eventid 4402

I’ve been working on deploying a load-balanced Remote Desktop Gateway service. I deployed the first farm member, then cloned it to create a second member. The second member was throwing Error events, which has the description "There is no domain controller available for domain CAMPUS."

Now, I know that the domain controllers are up and available. I remembered having fixed this at some point with the Terminal Services Gateway box I set up originally.

Google pointed be to a technet blog entry describing the solution(s).


When I selected Register server in Active Directory, I received an error because the account I was using didn’t have rights to modify the the AD objects. And that explains why this system as having the problem: when I joined the cloned system to the domain, I was not using a domain admin account.

I logged back in as a domain admin and reran the registration step. Done, and blogged for my future reference.

Oops. Forgot to enable RDP!

In deploying a server, today, I forgot to enable the Remote Desktop service for administration of the system, and I hadn’t yet joined it to the domain. I was pretty sure that it would be possible to change the setting via the registry, so a quick google search turned up this:

psexec \\machinename reg add “hklm\system\currentcontrolset\control\terminal server” /f /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0

I added psexec’s -u parameter, since I needed to specify the local system’s administrator account. worked like a champ. Thanks, Tony, for the clear documentation.