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Compiling OpenSSL for Win x64

I’m upgrading the components of the user provisioning system I built. Previously, I used ActiveState Perl and the UWinnipeg PPM repository to get the Net::LDAPS stack working.

This time, though, I decided I wanted to use the native architecture of my Server 2008 R2 systems. I am using the Perl64 install from ActiveState, but I have to build my own SSL libraries (and maybe roll up PPMs for the needed perl mods).

I just compiled OpenSSL for x64 (amd64), mostly following the instructions in the INSTALL.W64 and INSTALL.W32 documents. I’m blogging the step for my future reference:

  1. Open a VS x64 Win64 Command Prompt and navigate to the source directory
  2. perl Configure VC-WIN64A –prefix=c:localopenssl
  3. msdo_win64a.bat
  4. nmake -f msntdll.mak
  5. nmake -f msntdll.mak test (all tests passed)
  6. nmake -f msntdll.mak install

Running the openssl command succeeds:

C:localopensslbin>openssl version 
OpenSSL 1.0.0a 1 Jun 2010

Range Retrieval

Working on the Server 2008 hard limit of 5000 attribute values max per query, which breaks our Identity Management process. I’m looking at having to write a clone of LDIFDE that can issue queries using Range Retrieval and then synthesizes a single LDIF entry for groups with more than 5000 members.

Safari Tech Books online provides some good resources, including The .NET Developer’s Guide to Directory Services Programming [at Amazon], which provides a good code example in Listing 6.8. Range Retrieval Using DirectorySearcher.

Or maybe I should just post-process the LDIFDE-generated LDIF file…