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NetApp and Microsoft Security Updates

When the recent SMB 2.0 vulnerability was announced, there was some discussion on the Toasters mailing list about whether Data ONTAP was affected. Val Bercovici from NetApp responded that Data ONTAP was not affected by this issue.

Today, I discovered that to enable the filer snapshots to be visible within the Previous Versions facility within Windows 7 (or Server 2008 R2), I needed to enable SMB 2.0. I spent some time search on NetApp’s support site for some assurance that the SMB issue didn’t affect ONTAP, but didn’t find anything.

So I sent Mr. Bercovici an email asking if there was a more official statement about ONTAP and SMB 2.0, and he very kindly looked sent me a link to the Windows File Services (CIFS) Compatibility Matrix – Microsoft Security Update Test Report. [requires NOW account]

This document rocks. It lists the Microsoft Security updates, by month, and the result of NetApp’s testing. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Val.

Wednesday – March 25

Fixed permissions early (6 am) successfully with NetApp fsecurity command. That and the secedit tool made it quick work.
Did a little Russinovich-guided analysis of a minidump file created by EMC Networker.
Did some more work on UVM::AD module.
A number of other accumulated general administration tasks.
Wrote this perl one-liner to find the volume that contains a user’s homedir:
Z:\>perl -e"foreach (1..5) { $dir=qq{uvol_t1_$_\$}; print $dir, qq{\n} if ( -d '\\\\files\\' . $dir . '\\q-home\\g\\gduke'); }
might be worth turning that into a more robust command and turning it into an exe.
Horror! It appears that I forgot my laptop’s power supply at work. A wrinkle in the work-from-home-during-teacher-conference-early-release-days plan. [/sigh]

Tuesday – March 24

Home directory permissions issues.

Found: How to display the security permissions of a file from the filer which mentions the fsecurity command. Also found the white paper Bulk Security Quick Start Guide. Information about the Security Descriptor Definition Language SDDL at MSDN. From a comment on that page, I found Mark Minasi’s newsletter describing the SDDL syntax.

After poking at a few things with SubInACL.exe, I used the secedit utility from NetApp to create a security job file.

I created a new file, added a location”/vol/testvol”, then added the BUILTIN\Administrator user with Full Control. This generated a file containing the following:


The instruction are specific that you can’t remove the “Everyone” ACE, which is exactly what I wanted to do. So I edited the generated text file to remove that ACE, resulting in the following:


The command fsecurity apply /vol/path/to/file appears to have corrected the permissions just fine. I edited the file’s location to another affect volume and that worked as well.