Using Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) and RSS

I’m attempting to use Microsoft Flow (now Power Automate) to update a channel in Microsoft Teams when an RSS feed is updated. Flow has a simple template just for this purpose, Post a message on Teams when a RSS feed is published.

I have used it and pointed it at this blog’s feed. We’ll see if this post appears in the target channel.

I haven’t played with any fancy formatting. We’ll start with the content and see where we end up.

And, it worked! Mostly. It turns out that the RSS connector polling interval is 30 minutes, and it didn’t appear to do an initial poll until 30 minutes after I created the flow. Once I found that bit of info, I waited and sure enough:

A very basic channel post from an RSS feed.

This is functional. The feed item link isn’t a link, though, which seems like a pretty helpful change to make. And I’d probably like to see when the item was actually posted. We’ll see if I can make those changes.

Additionally I see that the item was posted by me, rather than by Microsoft Flow or the name of the feed. I don’t know if there are ways to get that to happen. More reading to do.

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