One more Power Automate RSS iteration

My revised flow worked with a clickable link to the full article, but the published date was in Zulu/UTC. While that’s l33t as eff, I’m thinking there’s got to be an easy way to convert DateTime values between time zones. Enter the workflow dynamic content and the convertFromUtc function.

The dynamic content tool lets you build an expression with functions that operate a combination of values from the object (e.g., RSS Feed Item) and static values.

I think found the documentation for this function and learned that I would need to give it the DateTime value in UTC (from the Feed Item’s PublishDate property), the desired target timezone name, and a desired DateTime format. The function I came up with looks like this:

convertFromUtc(triggerOutputs()?['body/publishDate'],'Eastern Standard Time','f')

Once I had my function ready, I clicked the blue OK button, and it was inserted into my message body like so.

And I couldn’t leave well enough alone, and replaced the nonsense with actual separate paragraphs. But the workflow took those out and put the line breaks back in. You win some; you lose some.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Room for improvement?

It doesn’t indicate the name of the blog anywhere, and although the blog name is part of the RSS feed, it isn’t a feed item property that I can select. Since I’m configuring this flow on a per feed basis, I could just hardcode the source, but that won’t get updated if the name changes.


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