Add network printer with PowerShell

This is my PowerShwell translation of my colleague’s VBScript solution for mapping network printers with a script.

Add a Network Printer connection, optionally making it the default printer.
Uses a COM object to add a Network Printer, and optionally sets that printer
as the default. If an error is encountered, the exception is written to a
file called Add-NetworkPrinter.err in the current $env:temp directory, and then
the script terminates.
This is my PowerShell translation of my colleague's VBScript solution:
.PARAMETER PrinterShare
The UNC path to the shared printer.
e.g. \\\ETS-SAA-SamsungML-3560
Specifies that the printer will also be set as the default printer for the current user.
Add-NetworkPrinter.ps1 -PrinterShare '\\\ETS-SAA-SamsungML-3560' -Default
    Script Name: Add-NetworkPrinter.ps1
    Author     : Geoff Duke 
        HelpMessage="Enter the UNC path to the network printer")]
    [string] $PrinterShare,
    [switch] $Default
Set-PSDebug -Strict
$PSDefaultParameterValues = @{"out-file:Encoding"="ASCII"}
$ws_net = New-Object -COM WScript.Network
write-verbose "Adding connection to $PrinterShare"
try {
catch {
    $error[0].exception | out-file (join-path $env:temp 'Add-NetworkPrinter.err')
    throw $error[0]
write-verbose "Setting the printer as the default"
if ( $Default ) {
    try {
    catch {
        $error[0].exception | out-file (join-path $env:temp 'Add-NetworkPrinter.err')
        throw $error[0]
# the end

For use with Group Policy, it will probably be helpful to create a simple Set-DefaultPrinter.ps1 script. But that’s just the second stanza from the script above.

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