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Mushroom Selfies?

I’ve found my favorite mushroom of all time… such a beautiful fungi.

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Salmon Hole Poem

Leaves that shimmer Shine and whisper Through the trees You hear us shiver The cold air comes and with it rain It pulls us down We wince in pain Is it time already? We’ve just begun All this weather has ruined our fun   I thought our colors had time to last In prior years […]

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Event Map

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Hand Drawn Map

Since my last visit here the leaves have begun to fall at a much higher rate, and the ground is covered in multi-colored leaves of all types. I have noticed a few more mushrooms popping up around the bank and on tree trunks, indicating a more moist environment.

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Fall Mushrooms

Back at Salmon Hole! There are even more mushrooms than the last time and leaves are already changing and falling to the forest floor. The woods are beautiful this time of year, I am noticing so much plant diversity right before it begins to die for winter.

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First post!

This is a location at Salmon Hole!   I chose this specific spot because of the vegetation, rocks, and water. I think it will be really cool to be able to see this spot change as the seasons change and as time progresses. It is relatively accessible from where I’m living; As shown in the […]

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