18. Oktober 2018: Donnerstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Dell/EMC: SR 12488055 – save not working in RHEL7
      • has the same problem.
      • Looking at “save -D9” output – DNS queries
        for garbage names seems to be the issue.
      • Now – can I convince Dell/EMC this is a problem.
      • suggestions from NetWorker mailing list are:
        1. Use nsrrpcinfo to see who is responding
          • Nobody is responding.
        2. Set NSR_SERVER environment variable
          • It makes no difference.
      • Interestingly, the save worked for
        a while inside “script” attempts… that was
        confusing to say the least!
    • Testing NW v9.2.1.5 as a client of NW v8.2.4.12.
    • Added forty tapes to the Scratch pool.
    • Prep work for Tape Vault run tomorrow — COMIS has a request.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • One update requires human intervention – found and fixed.


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