11. September 2018: Dienstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • DISK clones completed at 01:03 (7,800 GB).
    • FSGen3 clones completed at 02:42 (8,806.6 GB).
    • Ran clone post-processing steps.
    • Two save groups performing fulls still running from
      the weekend (hence, clones finished quickly).
    • Meeting to decide Windows Server 2016 support path.
    • FS-Gen3-2-Full completed at 9:49 (3d 9h 49m).
    • Cartridge 130408L4 got “stuck” in “65” (G2) drive.
      It was either ejected too far by the tape drive,
      or not pushed in far enough to load by the robot.
      Put library in physical mode, opened door,
      pushed tape into drive, closed door, logical mode.
      130408L4 ejected fine after this fiasco.
      Therefore, I assume the robot failed to push it
      into the drive far enough to load and the library’s
      event log seems to support that hypothesis.
      Watch that!
    • Cartridge 180302L4 loaded into 40002 (G1) – and
      not pushed in far enough to actually load at 18:20 by
      the XLS’ clock (16:01 by Human time).
      Corrected at 19:43 and Qualstar updated.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • One update requires human touch – left over from yesterday.
      Received confirmation of PS duplication,
      Set up for resolution.
    • VPN group assignment per request.
    • Duplicate accounts merged per IAM.
  • 2FA:
    • Replaced SecurID on four systems.
    • Removed sixteen systems from SecurID that were not
      actually using it.


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