19. April 2018: Donnerstag

  • SN3 has been up for 86 days.
  • Qualstar XLS reports zero errors.
  • Suspect NetWorker memory issue…
  • SN3, *19e56 is NST0.
  • Reboot tape drive (clear cobwebs).
  • Five tapes marked unlabeled – presumably by SN3’s tape drive:
    “nsrjb -I” to the rescue.
  • FSGen3 clones completed at 11:57 (21,587 GB).
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • Banner sending illegal SSN’s (five asterisks and four digits):
      • Banner sent an SSN with five asterisks and four digits Tuesday night – it was added and then the audit and update Wednesday night complained about it. Uhm…
      • A second one came over Wednesday night.
      • Registrar’s office reports data entry error – to be fixed.
    • No updates need human intervention (at least not by me).
    • Documented steps for ppolicy removal – test is good.
    • Testing RHEL7.5 update on MMR mate.
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