28. November 2017: Dienstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • TAPE clones started.
    • SR 09364830 opened:
      • Dell/EMC released ESA-2017-123 as CRITICAL
      • Yet another remote execution vulnerability
      • Released fixes for 9.x only, although 8.2.4 is supported.
      • SR set at CRITCICAL (Severity 1) – wants 8.2.4 fix.
      • Dell says 8.2.4 fix will be available mid-December.
      • Dell trying to answer why so long to wait.
    • Discovered the PeopleSoft Tape pool was depleted.
      Added ten (10) tapes to the pool on an emergency basis.
      Reaching out to PS support to get input about need.
    • TAPE clones completed at 10:12.
    • Download latest 9.2.1 binaries.
    • LDAP/Accounts:
      • Issues needing human intervention: 0.
      • Updated account creation to email when deactivated accounts are created.


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