24. Oktober 2017: Dienstag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • nsr_render_log is unable to render lots of the messages. Why?
      Because they were from 8.2.2 instead of 8.2.4.
      Lousy reason, but there it is.
    • Clones started.
    • nsrclone is having
      “add_clone: error154947:nsrclone: Unable to clone one or more save sets” problems
    • Added forty (40) tapes to the Scratch pool
    • Updated the bujbod2 megacli.template file to account for
      the new disk installed yesterday.
    • Had a system fail because it was not properly defined.
      For the first time since I’ve seen these errors, I actually believe
      NetWorker is correct this time.
    • Qualstar RMA # 50805:
      • old: 1310119697, *5E20E, G01
      • new: 1310115679, *41F99, G01
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • Updated iptables/ip6tables to always allow traffic in
      to the ldap*rw address only.
    • Updated wiki doc for ldap servers.
    • Resolved update issue with entry from last night.
  • SecurID:
    • Upgrade to newest version – an upgrade in three steps.


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