26. Mai 2017: Freitag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backups:
    • Reclaimed one tape for the vaults.
    • Tape Vaulting:
      • Twenty-eight (28) tapes taken to the vaults.
      • Forty (40) tapes brought back and labeled.
    • Dell/EMC provides list of claimed SSIDs that are corrupt and
      causing the errors in the mediadb conversion.

      • Converting the 56 nsrmm -d -y -S {ssid} commands into
        mminfo commands to look at those same ssids, shows that most
        of them do not even exist.
      • More questions than answers in this.
    • bujbod1 32:1 – ST4000NM0023 A001/Z1Z0AP1M — SMART failure warning.
      • Ran lsiget – sent to AMS Storage.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • Soundex search keeps another duplicate account from being created!
      Set up the existing LDAP entry to pull in the new one tonight.
    • Graduate College notifies of another duplicate that they are dealing with.


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