23. Januar 2017: Montag

Today’s Goals:

  • Monthly Backup System maintenance.
    • Rescheduled for Friday.
  • Replace failed drive in bujbod1.
    • Drive arrived too late in day – needs to warm up.

Today’s Activities:

  • Backup:
    • Backup Maintenance Day:
      • A large (3.5TB) staging job snuck in before I stopped them.
      • It will not complete before 3pm.
      • Rescheduled maintenance for Friday.
    • Reclaimed 11 tapes for the vaults.
    • Repaired retention times of 76 save sets across 16 tapes.
    • Clones started.
    • Replacement disk drive showed up late in the day –
      replace it tomorrow, after it warms up.
    • COMIS clones completed at 14:45 (40m).
    • TAPE clones completed at 18:46 (4h 40m).
    • DISK clones completed at 22:50 (8h 44m).
  • LDAP/Account:
    • One new issue with update – found and set to resolve tonight.
    • Special case processing for special entry.
    • Manual Merge that has been needed since January 3 – choice made.
  • Ebil Printers:
    • Restarted all printers with “error:Telnet socket connect: Connection timed” status.
    • Several of them started back up – others timed out again.


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