20. Januar 2017: Freitag

Today’s Activities:

  • Backup:
    • FSGen3 clones completed at 00:57 (1d 15h 38m).
    • That new client from two days ago has yet to successfully back up.
    • One of CEMS clients failed in a way it has not for quite a while.
    • Repaired retention times of nine save sets across three tapes.
  • LDAP/Accounts:
    • Retrieving/analyzing log data for customer
    • discovered snowyowl was double logging.
      • Turns out, snowyowl had not turned on OmitLocalLogging!
      • Corrected – rsyslog restarted.
    • Two (new) update issues – resolved them both.
  • General:
    • debugging directory update issues:
      • The Kerberos ticket is not coming back from SSO,
        or at least not in usable form.
      • And the call to ldap_sasl_bind appears to be badly flawed.


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