22. August 2016: Montag


  • Nightly Update: No issues.
  • Accounts: No issues.
  • Development:
    • Set up “ldaprw” backup client.
    • Released new way of dealing with look aside to production.


  • Backup Maintenance Day:
    • Replaced air filters in XLS
    • 7979’s (3650’s) do not seem to have any way of actually performing firmware updates anymore. Every method IBM has had is now broken. Ugh.
    • Discovered bujbodv1 had no vmware tools – installed open-vm-tools.
    • Harriet was in the same situation, but installed the VMware client tools (RHEL6).
  • Save Groups: No issues!
  • Clones:
  • Tapes:
    • Fixed retention times on 33 save sets across 12 tapes.
    • Reclaimed nine (9) tapes for the vaults.
  • Issues:
    • 3650’s have no way of doing firmware updates. Ignore them?
    • Possible failed drive *49c93 – need to verify tape 110183L4 is not bad.
    • Qualstar: XLS reports CPU fan failed.


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