10. August 2016: Mittwoch


  • Nightly Update: Two new issues.
  • Accounts: No issues.
  • Issues:
    • Two non-authoritative roles — one from each SOR
      • Appears the Banner one is a duplication (within Banner).
      • Confirming that with the Registrar’s office.
      • Found the HR one, patched the addition so it will work tonight.
  • Development:
    • Reconfigure DNS for test servers same as production — testing conversion.
    • New RETIREE list received, and put into production.


  • Save Groups: No problems.
  • Clones:
    • FSGen3 clones finished at 05:56.
  • Tapes:
    • Repaired thirty-four (34) SSID retention values across nine (9) tapes.
  • Development:
    • Installing in test.


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